twitter-icon facebook-iconyoutube-iconLooking for a quiet, friendly place to set up your laptop for some quality work time? Or develop your great new enterprise?  Or just escape the distractions of your kitchen table, aka ‘home office’?

maillistThe REconomy Centre offers practical, affordable space and a chance to meet, share and hang out with people who are working on interesting projects, just like you.  Think of the REconomy Centre as a drop-in workspace and a supportive, nurturing incubator for start-up enterprises and community projects.

We’re also the home of the Totnes REconomy Project, the Local Entrepreneur Forum, and a host of other programmes aiming to support a strong, resilient and equitable local economy.  We also have a report detailing some of the impacts of these projects which you can download, here:

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* NEW * an easy way to pay for your REconomy Centre membership or to simply to contribute to this valuable community resource.

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