The work of the Totnes REconomy Project is manifold, an initiative linking to larger REconomy Project, which is part of the Transition Network, a global grassroots movement of communities seeking to strengthen their resilience to problems including climate change, rising energy prices, economic uncertainty and inequality. In Totnes, the REconomy Project is harnessing the community’s huge potential for creating local prosperity. It is providing structures within which economic growth can be stimulated. It is supporting the creation of community resilience and wellbeing, in ways which are equitable and which benefit the natural environment.

The purpose of the Totnes REconomy Project is to establish opportunities for the community to build up economic resilience by utilising its rich store of existing resources and capabilities. A community which can satisfy many of its own needs for livelihood and wellbeing is a resilient community.

A new economy needs strong foundations. The Totnes REconomy Project has been working hard to put them in place through many connected local initiatives. The REconomy Centre is a supported workplace where people can create new businesses or expand existing ones. The Totnes Local Economic Blueprint identifies the enormous potential for doing so. The Local Entrepreneur Forum is bringing together innovators and investors. The Atmos Project is a campaign to bring back the former Dairy Crest site from dereliction to the thriving hub of a new community-led economy for Totnes. The Totnes Pound is a physical local currency backed by sterling and accepted in 70+ businesses in the town. It’s administered as part of the Transition Town Totnes initiative. The project aim is to make sure that wealth stays in the community where it will can be used in a more conscientious way with lower carbon impact, lower ecological impact and higher resilience.The team is now about to launch the electronic Totnes Pound.


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