Adventures in New Economics in Spain

Wednesday, October 21 7:30pm
Methodist Church, Totnes
Cost: sliding scale

july02-32015 023Since the ‘Indignados’ occupied the plazas of Madrid and other cities in Spain, a new politics and economics has been emerging. What’s happening there now? What can we learn and apply to our own change making projects? Is a pan-European movement possible?

Emilio, Jay, and Jenny launched Guadal -Journey to a post-crisis economy to try to find answers to these questions and more.  They spent 3 weeks in Andalusia, meeting people from over 25 project in 11 cities.

july08-92015 182Meanwhile, Exeterians Hannah and Adam, went to Barcelona to make a film about Cooperativa Integral, Autogestió.

Tonight, they will share stories from their trips and what they’ve learned. They’ll also talk about the documentary films they’re producing and other aspects of their project.

More information about their projects can be found on and