Citizen-led Economic Transition – a four point framework for guiding action

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Perhaps we all agree the current economic system is the problem. This is, of course, a generalisation which could be endlessly unpicked and elaborated. But if we’re concerned about global warming, biospheric damage, inequality, etc, the globe-sized elephant in the room, so to speak, is the dominant economic system powered by fossil fuels and predicated on endless consumption and growth. It’s efficiency-oriented and centralising, concentrating ever greater economic and political power in the hands of oligarchs and autocrats, which means change will not come easy.

Perhaps by now we also know that change is coming one way or the other. Experts warn we must rapidly reduce the energetic and material throughput of the global economic system by orders of magnitude in the coming years or face severe consequences, including a variety of collapse scenarios. These consequences will hit real people in real communities in our towns, cities, and surrounding regions. This suggests what’s needed is not just a radical rethink, but a radical reconfiguration of how we meet our needs.

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Transform Your Local Economy in One Day or how to run the Local Entrepreneur Forum

Local Entrepreneur Forum or ‘How to transform your local economy in one day’

REconomy Centre
Nov 19 10am-4pm
Cost: gift
Booking:  send email to

Four happy local entrepreneurs.
Four happy local entrepreneurs – Iola, Marie, Jack, and Sima.

This workshop is for people interested in making economic change in their own communities and regions. Want to create a more regenerative, resilient and inclusive local economy? The Local Entrepreneur Forum can be your catalyst project.

After 5 years, the Local Entrepreneur Forum has been incredibly effective. It is the focal point of the REconomy work in Totnes, facilitating practical support for enterprising change makers, engaging and including the wider community in a powerful new economic narrative, and catalysing the emergence of an entrepreneurial culture. The event brings entrepreneurs and investors together for learning, connecting and support, where everyone is part of the ‘Community of Dragons’ and can invest in the kind of enterprises – and local economy – they want to see in their community. In this session you’ll learn:

• how it works as an event and an ongoing strategic platform for ‘REconomy work’
• about our results: financial and non-financial investments, new firms, livelihoods, etc.
• why this can model can work anywhere – it already has in London and Gothenburg
• what tools and resources are available to support you implementing the LEF in your community

Led by Jay Tompt, is a coordinator of the Totnes REconomy Project, a social enterprise consultant, and activist. Since 2011, the Totnes REconomy Project has launched innovative economic regeneration and resilience building projects, such as the Local Entrepreneur Forum and the REconomy Centre. He has been leading workshops and giving talks about this work and on community-led economics, across Europe and Japan.

Prior to moving to the UK from San Francisco, Jay spent 10 years as entrepreneur and consultant in the ‘green business movement’, after a 12-year career in Silicon Valley. Jay holds an MBA from the Monterey Institute of International Studies and a BA in Philosophy from San Jose State University.