We offer a range of capacity-building workshops, trainings and courses for enterprising changemakers. Scheduled dates are as noted.  If you’d like to organise a training or workshop for your group, or would like to host one in your community, please let us know – info@REconomyCentre.org

Ongoing surgeries and workshops – run by experienced professionals and members of the community, these sessions are offered for a small fee, by donation or skillshare. Check the calendar for what’s on the current schedule.

Local Entrepreneur Workshop Series – The Local Entrepreneur Workshop Series is designed to stimulate, inspire, and support you as you develop your business plan, and maybe even to help you prepare to pitch your project at the next Local Entrepreneur Forum.  This workshop series is run as four 2-hour sessions or as one full-day session, focusing on four themes: Leadership, Innovation , Business Models, and Pitching Your Plan.  Includes interactive discussion, handouts and ‘action learning’ assignments.

How to Transform Your Local Economy in One Day – This one-day training gives delivers the essential know how to undertake and run your own Local Entrepreneur Forum and a fuller ‘community-supported entrepreneurism’ strategy. It’s delivered in three sections:

  1. Preparing the Soil – assessing current state of readiness and developing plans to build fertile conditions for a successful LEF – relationships, networks, funding, etc.
  2. Planting the Seed – planning and implementing your first event, including timeline, communications, programme, recruiting and coaching,
  3. Growing the Garden – leveraging the LEF into a broader community-led economic strategy.

Recommended for social enterprise networks, development and regeneration NGOs, community groups, and local authorities. This one or two day training delivers practical step by step instruction and advice based on 5 years experience with this approach.  It includes online resources.

Skilling Up For Local Economic Resilience – this two-day course is designed for members of community groups, organisers, activists, local leaders – anyone, really, who is interested in making real economic change where they live. Based on our experience in Totnes and elsewhere, this course will include useful ideas and theories, and lots of practical tools. Participants will come away with a solid understanding of local economics, how to organise change making project, and a real feeling of confidence. Topics include:

  • economics – assumptions and aspirations
  • community engagement
  • key ideas in local economics
  • mapping and assessments
  • networks beyond the usual suspects
  • messages and frames
  • design charrette

REconomics Totnes Style – This one-day study tour offers an overview of the Totnes REconomy Project and it’s key projects – Local Entrepreneur Forum, Local Economic Blueprint, REconomy Centre, Totnes Pound, and Food Link.  Set in the historical context of the town, including a walking tour, it’s a great day out as well as a chance to see community-led economic development in action.  And get to meet key people leading these projects.

Local Economics Made Real – This two-day study tour programme incorporates everything in the REconomics Totnes Style programme, and includes site visits to innovative local enterprises such as School Farm, Atmos, and Transition Homes.


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