In Totnes, the Local Entrepreneur Forum is helping to create the conditions for new social and sustainable enterprises to form, launch, and thrive, all with growing support from the community. It’s an important part of our local economic ecosystem and is a catalyst for an emerging entrepreneurial culture, one that’s inclusive, fair, and fun. It’s becoming a big part of our work and is having an increasingly positive impact.

Here are quick ‘how to’ guides in English, French and German. Want a more in-depth view on the Local Entrepreneur Forum, where it came from, and how it fits into the broader strategy behind the Totnes REconomy Project?  Read our Impact Report.  And check out these blog posts: “The LEF – REconomy’s Killer App?”; “Citizen-led Economic Transition”“How to transform your local economy in one day”; “A Taste of the Future in the Community of Dragons”.

And check out this short film about the LEF in 2014, from Emilio Mula and Nu-Project – and interviews with past LEF pitchers, here:

Can this work in other communities? Yes. It already is.

March 24, 2018 Decorah, Iowa, USA  – Winneshiek Idea House & Trout Tank – “Communities are stronger when diverse local businesses flourish. Winneshiek Idea House is an entrepreneur forum & fair to highlight and support local entrepreneurs and business ideas that contribute to the resilience and sustainability of Winneshiek County. Join us!”

May 5, 2017 Hebden Bridge, UK  – The Calderdale Bootstrap“Would you like a chance to pitch your enterprise idea to your community? What’s your idea? A renewable energy initiative? A local food group? Low impact building skills training? There are so many possibilities.  We’re offering a chance to pitch to the audience at our main event on 5th May, for whatever it is that you need to get to the next stage: Funding, land, people, advice, business support. Whatever stage you’re at, from the back of the beermat to growing an existing enterprise; if you identify with what we’re trying to do,  we’re happy to discuss your idea and have experienced business advisers as part of our team. Please get in touch.”


June 2, 2015 in Brixton, London – There’s lots happening in the lead up to the first UK Local Entrepreneur Forum outside of Totnes. There’s a nice blog post, here, and more details about the event, here.

April 21 & 28, 2015 in Göteborg, Sverige – Our friends in Sweden are producing their innovative version of the Local Entrepreneur Forum over two days, the first outside Totnes. Details, here: Everyone is an Investor.

We’re developing a handbook and support trainings so that we can help your group benefit from our experience. In the meantime, have a look at the information on this page, including the links to blog posts and videos. If you’re interested, we’re ready to share our experience and help you get started. Please get in touch: