reconomy-totnes.jpgThe Totnes Reconomy Project, an initiative of Transition Town Totnes, was launched by a small group of enthusiastic community members. We wanted to reverse the negative economic trends affecting the town, but we also wanted to innovate. We wanted to inspire a new kind of economic regeneration that would create an abundance of opportunity for people to meet their needs, and to do so in ways that work with natural systems, are inclusive and fair, and that generally increase the well being of the entire community. These are aspirations, of course, but we have taken the first steps and good things are beginning to happen.

Our starting point was straightforward and pragmatic. If we wanted to bring forth a new kind of economic system, we would need to do two things. First, we would need to understand current conditions of our local economy and identify the opportunities for change. This led to the Local Economic Blueprint. Second, our work should create the conditions for new economic actors and new economic relationships to emerge and flourish, which led to the Local Entrepreneur Forum and the REconomy Centre.

Read our 2017 impact report and learn more about these projects:



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