Get to grips with social media to tell your story

by Alex Green of Green-Measures Media.

Workshop: September 19th 10am to 1pm

Love it or hate, social media is a necessary tool for businesses that want to be found online.

Social Media MGMTThe past decade has seen social media evolve from being something that was considered useful to do, to being pretty much essential for most businesses to reach out to their audience.

We’re all using it personally now, if not professionally. It’s how we get our daily news, or communicate with friends, family, customers and clients and we’re all spending increasing amounts of time using it on our mobile screens.

It taps into a basic human need for storytelling and to share these stories with the people in our tribe. As technology evolves, this need for storytelling remains constant and social media is simply the latest tool for sharing them.

The problem for many businesses is that it’s hard to keep up, as the social media landscape is constantly changing. While you’re busy doing what you love, social media becomes a chore and it may feel like it’s a lot of effort for not much return on the time invested.

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Alex Green

If this sounds like you and your business, an introductory workshop at the REconomy Centre on September 19th will help you get to grips with the world of social media. As a communications professional for tourism and heritage organisations, I’ll be sharing some of the knowledge and skills I’ve gained working in this field over the past 20 years to help local businesses use social media more efficiently and effectively.

The workshop begins by looking at the social media landscape and all the different platforms that are available. We then consider where to start your social media journey, what not to do and how to tell your story with authenticity.

Once you’ve found your story-telling voice, we’ll look at curating a good mix of content for your social media channels and how to manage it effectively by planning ahead, monitoring conversations and engaging with your audience online.

Finally, thought will be given to measuring success and how to optimise your content to get results.

Find out more and book at or email


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