Workshop: Getting to Grips with Social Media

Thursday 14th February 2019, 10am-1pm.

Who’s it for? Individuals and businesses who already use social media to promote their enterprise but haven’t yet got to grips with how to use it effectively. The aim of the course is to simplify social media and inspire you to create better and more meaningful content on a regular basis and to engage with your social network.

Social media needs to work for you and the more you enjoy it, the better your content will be received and shared by others, delivering more benefits to your business and paving the way for social media success.

What will it cover?

  • Why use social media?
  • How to tell a good story and why it matters.
  • The medium is the message – source and create better content for your channels.
  • Managing social media – plan, monitor and engage.
  • Measuring success – metrics and setting goals.

There will be opportunities to work on your own social media channels during the half-day session, so attendees are invites to bring along their laptop, tablet or smart phone. Following the workshop, each attendee will receive a 5-point plan to make improvements to their social media activity.

Cost: £20 (£10 per person to be paid in advance and donated to REconomy Centre).

Trainer: Alex Green, Green-Measures Media.

Register your interest by sending an email to

Please include your name, business and social media handles, along with a short sentence about what you’re hoping to get out of the workshop.

Alex has worked in journalism, PR and social media for public and private companies, including not-for-profits and charities. Much of her experience has been within the tourism sector and the marketing of place or destinations.

“I’m fascinated by people and places and the stories that bring them to life.

“Social Media can be a great tool for sharing these stories and helping you to connect with the individuals or groups that matter.”

Alex has a degree in Journalism and a Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma in Managing Digital Media.

Testimonial from Kate Hewett, Volunteering Support Officer at South Hams Community & Voluntary Services (CVS):

“Alex came to support South Hams Community and Voluntary Services develop their social media engagement. Alex made the team feel relaxed and able to talk about their experiences of social media and what they wanted to get out of it. Alex is enthusiastic about the subject and able to provide simple practical advice as well as longer term vision. Our session with Alex made us feel like we understood social media a little better and made us feel like we had a clear idea about how we could start making improvements in a manageable way.”


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