The Republic of Wellbeing? Life Beyond GDP!

A participatory talk with Lorenzo Fioramonti and Martin Whitlock

7.45pm, Thursday 4th February 2016
Totnes Methodist Church
Entry by donation

What is real wealth?
What are the conditions for growing wellbeing?
How does Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – the most powerful number in the world – make growing wellbeing more difficult?

It is time to move on from GDP, but despite the many alternative measures of progress on offer there is little public engagement or government action on the key impediment to the development of a wellbeing-focused economy – GDP itself! It is even enshrined in the treaties of the EU!

rfkProfessor Lorenzo Fioramonti and Martin Whitlock take us on a journey to ‘the Republic of Wellbeing’, exploring how the focus on GDP obstructs good economic outcomes, and what we can do about it.

Lorenzo Fioramonti is Professor of Political Economy at the University of Pretoria and the Director of the Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation. The author of Gross Domestic Problem: The Politics Behind the World’s Most Powerful Number, he is a global thought leader in the development of the Wellbeing Economy and the Beyond-GDP movement. He is co-founder of

Martin Whitlock is a writer and campaigner, and co-founder of He is the author of Human Politics : Human Value, a detailed critique of the GDP economy and the political, social and economic harms that it causes.

This event is a co-promotion by the Network of Wellbeing and the Totnes REconomy Project. For more information see or call 01803 849107  or text 07702 633687





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