Finding the Right Work

This one day stimulating workshop with Gill Coombs is for anyone wanting to explore what you want to give through your work, as well as what you want to get from it. Everyone has unique qualities and skills to offer – but in today’s highly commercialised and individualistic society, many find themselves in work that isn’t fulfilling, or doesn’t fit their values. Through discussion, creative activity and individual reflection, you’ll gain greater clarity about how your life at work could develop. You’ll create a plan to take the insights you gain about your potential back into your daily life, launching you gently towards realising your vision.

Saturday, September 26
10am – 4pm
REconomy Centre
Cost – by donation
Max group size: 12

Gill Coombs
Gill Coombs

Gill Coombs, in response to feedback she often receives, describes herself as a Thought Provoker. Author of Hearing our Calling, she brings a diverse work history, many years of coaching and group facilitation, a relaxed, friendly, compassionate approach and a deep commitment to the importance of finding our calling in the world.


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