Community Currencies: the New ‘new money’

June 11 @ 7:30 pm9:30 pm, Methodist Church

Cost:  sliding scale

Money, exchange, currency – we’ve been shackled to a mono-culture of exchange controlled by an oligopoly of banksters. But there are alternatives and this is an exciting area of innovation.  Are we ready for the new new money?

Matthew SlaterJoin community currency engineer, Matthew Slater, for this special evening of in-depth discussion of mutual credit systems, LETs, timebanks, and other forms of exchange we can create in our own community.  This evening may be the spark that leads to one or more of these systems being developed right here. Come and participate.

Matthew Slater co-founded Community Forge in Switzerland in 2009, which now hosts 135 active websites for Local Communities Exchange Systems (LETS). He co-authored a course on Money and Society with Professor Jem Bendell at the University of Cumbria. Matthew blogs at and he tweets @matslats.


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