Transformational Marketing workshop series

Karen Hunt is offering a new marketing workshop series – Transformational Marketing.  Here’s more about it:

You know how sometimes you just want someone to tell you what to do and how to do it so you can get the customers or clients you want? Well, watch out for anyone who promises to do the marketing for you. Many elements can be outsourced, of course, but first you have to know what it is you are really in business for. What is your WHY? It’s the foundation you need to build your marketing on and the only person who can really tell you is YOU.

But just because the WHY is down to you, doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Having a guide and having support from other people in the same boat can be super helpful. There really is no need to struggle on this alone. Trying to ‘do’ marketing can be so frustrating and soul destroying. Learn to connect with and communicate your WHY at this first workshop in a new series of Transformational Marketing Workshops held at the REconomy Centre.

Transformational Marketing Workshop Series

Foundations, part 1: What is your mission and vision? [YOU + US]
June 4 Thursday 10am – 12pm

Eventbrite - Marketing Workshop: Your Mission and Vision

Once you’re clear on your WHY it’s time to really focus on your target market. You need to understand who they are, where they hang out and most of all what they really want. Then it’s important to ‘speak their language’. If you want to avoid ‘corporate speak’ then you need to speak directly to your ideal client or customer. None of us enjoy feeling like we’re just a number so you shouldn’t communicate to them in a way that they feel they are one of many. You need to speak in a personal but authentic way in order to engage and build a relationship with them.

You can learn how to do this at the second workshop in the series.

Foundations, part 2: Who is your target market? Get personal with your ideal client or customer [THEM + HIM/HER]
June 25 Thursday 10am – 12pm

Eventbrite - Marketing Workshop: Your Target Market and Ideal Client

Most businesses have or want to have a website but do you really understand what the main priority of your website is? If you’ve ever struggled with exactly what your website should include and what it should look like then come along to the third workshop to gain some clarity and make those decisions.

Websites and Branding [PLATFORM + DESIGN]
July 10 Friday 10am – 12pm

Eventbrite - Marketing Workshop: Websites and Branding

Marketing Funnel

Whether you market and sell online or offline you need to have a clear funnel that you can guide your prospects through. Every business is going to be different but without a strategy how will you turn enquiries into business? Learn about this and how to communicate in the best way to reach your ideal client by coming to the last workshop in the series.

Marketing Strategy and Communication (online & offline) [SALES FUNNEL + MARKETING COMMUNICATION]
July 23 Thursday 10am – 12pm

Eventbrite - Marketing Workshop: Marketing Strategy and Communication

Who are the workshops for?

Perfect for you if you are a start-up or want to revisit your marketing and reinvigorate your business.

Ideal for heart-centered sole traders, partnerships, small businesses, social enterprises or co-ops.

Guaranteed to not make you feel icky about sales or marketing. Instead transform your understanding from outdated yucky big business marketing practices and embrace the good you’re doing in the world through your enterprise and share it with those you can help.

You are invited to come to as many of the workshops as you like, though for maximum benefit, come to all of them!


Just £20 per 2 hr workshop, payable on the day.

10% of proceeds to REconomy Centre.


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